• Joe’s Beerhouse was established in 1991 and opened its doors to the public - October 1991, located in Grimm Street (behind Trè)

  • Joe’s relocated 2 ½ years later to Independence Ave. from there it moved to its current location.

  • Joe’s moved to 160 Nelson Mandela Ave (current location) in 2001 and opened its doors on the 26 June 2001. (10years)

  • The décor and layout was all created and done by Joe Gross.

  • Many of the old relics and memorabilia Joe collected over the years when on his travels. Some items were also given to Joe’s by friends and guests.

  • Joe (Joachim) Gross was born in Germany. He is a master chef who worked all over the world (Germany, France, Asia, Bahamas and on Cruise liners) he came to Namibia in 1986

  • In 2007 Joe and his wife Anette introduced a unique shareholder policy and converted Joe's Beerhouse into a private company. With this they plan to expand and franchise the Joe's Beerhouse and Restaurant concept through Namibia and into South Africa.

  • Change of ownership on 1 June 2012

  • Present shareholders Thomas and Carol-Jean Rechter and Manfred Enus

Thomas and Carol-Jean are well known in the restaurant industry, especially in regard to The Gourmet restaurant.

Our opening hours are:
Monday – Thursday 16h30 till late
Friday – Sunday 11h00am till late

We can seat +/- 460 guests Currently we have 107 employees

Joe’s is divided into various areas:

  • Inside Bar and Extension Bismarck (which is the name of a German chancellor and also name of Schnapps that Joe enjoyed)
  • Lapa (a name given to a large thatch roof area)
  • Boma (a African name for a round enclosure “Kraal” originally for livestock)
  • Garden and main bar Function room for conferences, special or private events, tables also accommodate couples