Joe's Beerhouse, Namibia, "The most famous Beerhouse on the African continent" is truly Namibian, an undeniably African Ledgend. Set in a tranquil Oasis with relics of old and collections of new, Windhoek's most popular restaurant is a world of its own where the desert breeze captures the senses in a whirl wind of visual and culinary delights.

  • Legends by Joe the founder of Joe’s BeerhouseOpen or Close

    I was on a journey through the Caprivi when a herd of cattle crossed the road. Amongst the livestock was an ox with the largest horns I have ever seen I got out of my cruiser, approached the herdsman and asked how much I could pay him for the oxen with the long horns. As he was only the herdsman he told me he had to ask the chief as they were his and only he can make a decision but before the transaction could be finalized, I friend of mine told me a week later that the ox had been killed by a crocodile. The herdsman found the skull with the horns which I offered to buy as compensation for their loss. To this day I have not see and ox in the Caprivi with bigger horns.

    I visited an old friend of my on his farm some years ago as he was in the process of selling his farm and knowing that I am always on the lookout for strange and old relics he offered me to have a look if there is anything that I would like for the beerhouse. On his stoop was this amazing trophy of 2 entangled kudu horns which were found by Mr. W. Shivon-Richthof in the Seeis River May 1958. As this is a rare natural occurrence and I could just image how these to magnificent Kudu bulls struggled until the bitter end. I was please that my friend gifted them to me. They now have a special place at Joe’s Beerhouse…..

  • Poem Dedicated to JoesOpen or Close

    To think that 20 years are gone
    Joe’s beerhouse is still standing strong

    From grimm street coming all the way
    In nelson mandela now they stay

    Too many party’s, too many drinks
    I can’t remember most the things

    The place to be – JOE’S WATERHOLE!
    We are all there for just one goal

    The kassler roll with sauerkraut
    Was far the best, without a doubt

    Till late at night we let it flow
    Until Joe said: guys...please just go!

    Comes Saturday, ‘round twelve o’clock
    Us boys are there again, to rock

    JOE’S LEGENDS, that’s what we are
    Until today we still meet at THE bar

  • Poem Dedicated to JoesOpen or Close

    Daai se ek nou vir jou gewis
    Die koudste bier kry jy by Joe’s, beslis

    Ek sit nou bietjie trug en dink
    By Joe’s het ons al n paar stewige dope gedrink

    Van grimm straat doer in ninety-one
    Gaan Joe’s nog steeds in nelson mandela aan

    From early lunches till late at night
    We partied lekker, even if the budget was tight

    Comes Friday, kyk ek se vir jou
    Ons kry mekaar at 5 by Joe

    Die parties gaan te lekker daar
    Ons kuier hard,al raak ons naar

    Met Jaegermeister en de lot
    Raak ons klomp kere lekker vrot

    My kitchentea is daar gehou
    Ons kuier hard voor dat ons vou

    Eers sit ons rustig en so vroom
    Daar onder Joe‘s se skaduboom

    It does not take us very long
    And all the girls are getting strong

    Dis opie tafels, daans en raas
    Ons dink ons is Joe’s se eie baas

    Al val ons af, ons klim weer op
    Dis wat ons soek,dis nog n dop

    Dat ek vir jou vertel my maat
    Ons is gesweet, tot op die naat

    Dit raak al later, die party al hoe kwaater
    Kort voor lank, sit on in Joe se vispondwater

    Kom ons wees nou maar net eerlik
    By Joe’s daar kuier ons te heerlik

    We call ourselves “THE LEGENDS OF JOE’S”
    That’s how it is, that’s how it goes

  • The place were really everybody meetsOpen or Close

    Der plek wo sich echt jeder trifft - The place were really everybody meets

    Und jeder gast so lecker isst. - and every guest has a tasty meal

    Man check ich sag dir jetzt genau - man I tell you now

    Bei Joe’s da wird man vinnig blau - at Joe’s one always has a very good party

    Die mooiste bar in afrika - it is the best bar in Africa

    Das ist for sure, dass ist uns klar. - that’s for sure and that is clear

    Von jerryland und ganzer welt - from Germany and the whole world

    Die oukies komm und bring ihr geld - people come and leave there money

    Die toeries machen grosse augen - the tourist are all big eyes

    Koen es wragtag net nich glauben - and cannot believe what they see

    Vom alten klo bis zum klavier - from old loos and pianos

    Den ganzen schrott, den kriegst du hier – any old stuff you find here

    Net da beim entance, check ich die story – just right there at the entrance I cannot believe

    Ein auto auf dem dach, dass ist mein glory – a car on the roof, this is my glory

    Der bleddy possie ist so gross – the place is so hugh

    Bei Joe’s da ist ganz gut was los – and there is always something going on

    Im winter ist das auch net best – in winter it is the best as

    Das feuer brennt bei jedem fest – a fire burns at every party

    Von frueh bis spaet sind wir boys da – from early till late we boys are there

    Man trifft uns legends an der bar. you will find us legends at the bar.

  • Legendary times at Joe’sOpen or Close

    Roundabout three years ago, a few mates and I went for a couple of drinks at Joe’s

    The reason was that one of the oakes was getting married the next weekend and instead of having a bachelor party somewhere, we opted to have a little fun at Joe’s instead of renting some hall somewhere, etc. Thus, we arrived, had something to eat…and then we started ordering drinks. Now guys, I’m not the heaviest person on this planet…my slender built and the fact that I’m addicted to exercise and cycling, makes my alcohol tolerance…well, to say the least, LOW. I can only LOOK at two draughts without having a sip and then my head spins already. The other oakes however, can drink like it is going out of fashion. You would think by the way they consume such large quantities of shots and “hardehout”, that tomorrow is the last day of planet earth and that on that night, it was the last time they could go drinking.

    Needless to say, I got hammered…quite quickly. There were draughts, brandy and cokes, beer…and ooohhhhh my lord, the shots. Not my strong point. I could actually feel my tummy churning and getting more and more upset with me. Not even two hours after we arrived, I was horribly drunk…my mates however, seemed tipsy at most. So they did what any ordinary guy would do to a drunk buddy…toe wou hulle mos nou gatvat met my. I was just trying to hold onto the bar as not to lie on the floor…seemed like I was on a fishing boat somewhere out on the Atlantic…THAT is how I rocked from one side to the other, just trying to stay on my feet. Thus, they decided to make a bet with me…and the bet was that I should get into the fishpond and catch one of the koi’s. The bet was 500.00 AND my drinks that I’ve had that evening, would be paid by my friends. Thus, obviously seeing that it was the middle of the month and I was a bit short on cash, I took the bet without hesitating…and who can say no when you are drunk as well ? I removed my shoes, still clinging to the bar as not to fall over…and I jump in the fishpond…made a huge splash. Looked like an underwater mine has just gone off. That pond is deeper than it looks…and the moss at the bottom is very slippery…needless to say that I lost my footing and went under completely. When I’ve regained my footing, I stood up and stared to look for the nearest koi. By this time all the mud from the bottom had come up and made the water murky…couldn’t see a damned thing…so I just feld around with my hands…splashing about like a gazelle that got caught by a crocodile and was fighting for his life. I could hear my friends laughing their stupid heads of, but I was focusing on getting that koi…any koi…and you know what ? I got one. It was a biggish one…white and orange…so I held it up…just like you would hold up some trophy that you’ve won at some major sporting event. It is then that I realized that the WHOLE crowd at Joe’s had gathered around the pond, looking at me. It felt like I was in the pond for a mere few seconds…turns out I was in the pond for about three minutes. My, how time flies when you’re drunk and catching koi at Joe’s. Think I had the wrong bait. Haha ! The koi slipped out of my hands…and I decided that I’ve had enough swimming for one day. Didn’t know Joe’s had a pool…lol…I couldn’t get out, because it was too slippery…tried pulling myself over the ledge and I slipped and fell backwards…went under the water again. The whole time I struggled to get out, I could see the flashes go off as people took pics and made video. Two of my friends came closer and got me out the pond. I was soaking wet. Everyone was laughing…a few people actually clapped their hands. Didn’t feel like I won something though. Now I was sober again more or less due the cold water…and I realized that I’ve just made my name arse. Wet, sober…not feeling like a champion at all.

    To top it off, I came with a few friends…not my own car. You think they wanted to take me home ? Nooooooo ! I was soaked to the bone, full of moss and leaves and fishpoo and whatever else was in the pond and no-one wanted my wet arse in their cars. Tried calling my brother…behold ! My cell was in the backpocket of my jeans…didn’t work anymore. Wonderful ! One pal of mine then called my brother who came with fresh clothes…so I got dressed in the men’s room...feeling like an arse the whole time. When I came out of the restroom, all the people have gathered around and they were clapping like mad. Again, I didn’t feel like a champion. I got called over the opening at the bar…and the 500.00 was handed over to me ! I actually forgot about that !!!! I felt a tad better. Then the manager on duty came over and insisted that I leave the premises. That was really not a nice feeling…I wouldn’t have stayed anyways. Asked my brother to take me home. Got home, took a bath…and passed out on my bed…smiling a little bit, because I was 500.00 richer. Woke up that morning and realized that I had to use the money I’ve won, to buy a new cellphone…that Monday I had to pay an extra 800.00 to get a phone similar to the one that I went scuba diving at Joe’s with. So I lost a bit more than expected. Best of all, some video’s and pics of whole “Diving into the pond at Joe’s to catch some koi” episode, surfaced on YouTube and Facebook. Till this day…when I go the Joe’s, I come in at the back entrance…just to miss that freaking koi pond…and everytime I go with someone that has noticed the whole thing, stupid jokes are made, like did I bring my snorkeling gear, or my beach towel, or my fishing rod, etc…and every time I go to Joe’s, I can actually feel some people smiling at me and whispering softly…most likely saying something like “That is the dumbass that went into the pond like some Olympic swimmer to catch a koi”.

    That is my story at Joe’s…and you can stop laughing now…it wasn’t all that funny to me and to this day, I still haven’t really smiled about it like most people said to me I would.