Restaurant Shuttle

Joe's Shuttle Service

Terms and Conditions

Joe’s Beerhouse restaurant shuttle services will be available from 4PM daily.
Shuttles will be operational until 11PM daily.

Please expect to share the shuttle with other guests during peak times.

Primary routes are in a 5km radius of Joe’s Beerhouse.

Joe's shuttle

How it Works

Fee Structure

N$50 per person for 5 km radius of Joe’s Beerhouse.

N$80 per person further than 5km.

N$40 per person for group bookings between 11 and 20 pax.


Payment Procedure

Restaurant guests will be invoiced on their restaurant bill for arrival and departure trips. They won’t need cash on them to pay the shuttle driver. All payments are handled in-house and will be added to meal invoices.

Booking Procedure

Please call our reception at +264-61-232-457 to arrange a pickup.

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